The Lazy Guide to Strategic Job Hunting

If you clicked on this hoping it's a guide for lazy job hunters, you'll be sorely disappointed. There is no such thing as a lazy job hunter who's successful in any strategic job hunt. Job hunting is a game - a strategy game.

Singapore's Best Networking Spots: How I networked with 3k people in a year

Home Alone (Almost)

Welcome Home, Cindi Wirawan. As usual, those words flashed on the electronic passport gantry as I passed through immigration. This time was different though. I was home for good after few years living abroad.

How to choose a coach and how I chose mine

Choosing the right coach could be a matter of life and death. Will your goals and dreams come to life or will they slowly fade away and die? Here are some pointers for you in order of importance.

5 Bucket List Experiences that ruined my life for good

Sometimes in life, a single experience or person can ruin your life in a very positive way by raising your standards so high that you won't ever settle for anything less.

One Lesson from Crazy Rich Asians on First Impressions, Stereotypes & Class Differences

Warning: The video below might make you cry...

I bought the book Crazy Rich Asians a few years ago at the airport before it became a best seller, and it kept me pretty entertained on my 2-hour flight. That was all to it though. I didn’t get much from the book aside from its entertainment value.

Ask Magical Questions: 1 lesson from my mentor Suzenne Zheng

My first encounter with an image consultant was when I was a third year undergraduate in NUS Business School. Her name was Suzenne Zheng. She was(and still is!) an expert in image consulting, etiquette, personal branding as well as an author and highly sought after keynote speaker. 

One Lesson from A Hater: Turn Criticism into Feedback

Recently, I got hate mail for the very first time in my career as a recruiter. I really enjoyed working in recruitment and I loved my job. One of my least favourite part of the job, though, was when I had to reject candidates and tell them they were not suitable for the role. 

One unforgettable lesson from my 1st boss [An interview with Zoe Brent]

What kind of boss makes you tattoo the team chant on your body? You're about to meet her. My first boss was a cult leader an incredible and fearless leader called Zoe Brent. I did spend my first month reporting into this awesome Scottish dude, but that is a story/lesson for another day. 

Check these Before And After the Big Interview Day

There are so many things running through your head before and after an interview that you'll need a checklist. 

Why I don't ever regret falling into Recruitment

‘Why did you apply for this job? Why recruitment? What’s your understanding of what we do?’, asked the voice on the other end of the line. I was not prepared for this early morning phone interview, nor for her barrage of questions, especially since I had only applied the night before. 

Job Hunting The Smart Way (Not The Hard Way)

There’s only two ways you can approach job search: the hard way and the smart way. Here are some differences between the two:

4 Things That Desperate Job Seekers Do

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