Check These Before And After the Big Interview Day

There are so many things running through your head before and after an interview that you'll need a checklist. 

Before the Big Interview

 I have…

  • Analyzed the job description
  • Researched the company
  • Googled the interviewer(s) and company’s CEO/CFO and read their Linkedin profiles
  • Understood the type of interview I will be going for e.g behavioral interview, panel interview etc
  • Prepared and rehearsed for the most common interview questions
  • Prepared for technical questions
  • Questions to ask at the end of the interview
  • Picked my interview outfit and tried it on to make sure it fits well
  • Google mapped the venue so I know exactly how to get there
  • One or two tactics to calm my nerves and enhance my confidence
  • A copy of my resume
  • Name and contact details of my interviewer, and any information from them regarding

After the Big Interview

 I must…

  • Send the interviewer(s) a thank you email within the first 48 hours (take note of their name, job title and email during the interview)
  • Keep track of the interview and make notes in an Excel sheet
  • Reflect on what went well and what you could have done better, and how you can use this experience for your next interview
  • Follow up after 1-2 weeks
  • Stay in touch and express interest in future positions if you don’t get the job
  • Keep applying for jobs and going for interviews, instead of playing the waiting game

These may seem like a lot of steps, but each step is critical and plays a huge role in you getting through to the next round.

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