Single Session

    • 60/90 min +

      pre-coaching tasks ​

    • A personalized resource ​

    • Example Topics: ​

    • Career Clarity 

    • Job search strategy 

    • Interview Skills 

    • Resume Writing

    • LinkedIn Networking

    • Personal Branding 

    • Perfect for: ​

    • One off session on a specific topic 

    • Emergency coaching such as an important interview 

    90 day program
    Get confident, Get seen, Get hired

      • 1x 30 min Kick Off Session 

      • 6x 60 min sessions ​

      • Professional Career Toolkit: ​

      • Linkedin Profile

      • Resume

      • Disruptive Cover Letter

      • Networking Templates and Trackers

      • Customised Resources to complement your coaching journey

      • Bonuses: ​

      • Private membership portal and access to career masterclasses

      • LinkedIn Level Up Course + Telegram Group Support 

      • Perfect for:

      • Professionals who have a long-term goal such as getting an ideal job offer, promotion or career move/pivot 

      • Those who want expert guidance and a personalized support during the journey to reaching their dream destination 

      • Those who want to be equipped with a professional career toolkit and the skills to create one for the rest of their careers 

      90 day program
      Get confident, Get seen, Get hired

        • 1x 30 min Kick Off Session 

        • 9x 60 min sessions ​

        • Everything in the Signature program

        • Unlimited private chat support

        • 10x request for proofreading and editing services (cover letter, tailored, resume, emails, messages etc.)

        • 5x networking introductions 

        • Complimentary DISC MAPS assessment 

        • Complimentary book on Personal Branding

        • All access to my online courses and digital products

        • Perfect for:

        • Professionals who want an accelerated program to reach their ideal outcomes 

        • Those who want highly personalized service and expert guidance  

        • Those who prefer to have an expert do part of the work for them to save time


        How do I know coaching is right for me? Why be coached?​

        I know you’re here because you want results. These are the main reasons my clients enroll with me:


        1. You have a goal or dream you want to achieve.

        2. You have a problem of challenge.

        3. You want to accelerate your performance or operate at peak performance. 

        How do you coach?


        My coaching philosophy is shaped by the ICF philosophy, which is a form of coaching that honours the client as the expert in his/her life and work, and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole.


        My part is to discover, clarify and align your goals. I will encourage your learning and self-discovery. You are the expert of your problem so you will have the answers within you. My role is to draw them out. Chances of you achieving your goal increases by at least 40% when you are held accountable for your actions so I will be your accountability partner.


        I coach holistically from my head, heart and gut. I use what I know from what I know and what I am good at. I have worn multiple hats such as a corporate trainer, career coach, recruiter, image consultant and lifelong learner. I coach from my heart because I genuinely care for my clients. I trust my instincts and I have the guts to push you beyond your comfort zone.


        My sessions are usually light-hearted and fun, because who says coaching has to be all serious and boring? You will get to hear stories, anecdotes and analogies that relate to your situation.

        What’s the difference between life coaching and career coaching?


        Life coaching helps you with your personal goals such as relationships while career coaching helps you with career-related goals such as getting a new job. Life coaching is very broad and usually covers career as well. However, a life coach may not be able to offer reliable insights into the job market or give you feedback on your Linkedin profile. Fortunately for you, I am equipped to do both life coaching and career coaching. If you enjoy working with me, our relationship can still continue after you have nailed your dream job or promotion!

        I’m not based in Singapore. Do you coach international clients?

        Yes! I’ve coached clients across the world in different time zones, and I specialise in coaching professionals in Asia Pacific. I have also successfully coached professionals who wanted to relocate to a different country.


        Coaching can be done anywhere using Zoom or Skype with the same results.

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