I help professionals in Asia Pacific to take charge of their careers and make an impact. My clients tend to already be successful, driven and growth minded professionals who want to keep growing in their careers.  


As for why you should listen to me over the countless other voices in the coaching space, let me give you the short answer

  • I have 10 years of experience in recruitment, talent acquisition and career coaching.   

  • I'm an ICF certified coach and have worked with thousands of professionals to go from struggling to land an interview to getting their dream job in as little as 30 days (although 3 months tends to be the norm). 

  • You want someone who walks the talk. By being strategic I've gotten 90% of my jobs through networking and not the traditional painful way.  

  • I'm also a corporate trainer specialising in communication skills such as business storytelling, presentation skills and productivity - all the skills you will need to get ahead in your career. 

    The reason I do it is because I love it and I genuinely care. I love being able to help people struggling with their next step, quarter life or mid career crisis, and the entire job search process. What I love most is being able to walk the journey with them from the start of their job search to the first day they start their dream job, and beyond.  

My mission is to light the spark in you so you can live a life that sparks joy. Your best life is yet to come.

I'm not a fan of living my life the typical way.


While my peers were busy fast tracking their business degrees, I took a semester off to go on an adventure abroad with 90 other young adults from all over the world. I was the only one from Singapore.


At the peak of my career as the regional head of talent for an MNC, I resigned and volunteered to teach English on a round the world cruise.

In 2013, I co-founded a training school in Sydney to help high achieving graduates land their dream jobs. Although I loved what I was doing, I moved to Perth to be part of a world-changing startup you would never expect. 


Those are just some of the life changing decisions I've taken and adventures I've been on. My career has taken me across Asia, Australia, USA and on a cruise ship travelling around the world. 


Now can you see why I believe in living a fuller life? If you're happy and fulfilled with your life as it is now, you probably don't need coaching. 

As an ex-recruiter, trainer, and coach, I have worked with clients of all levels, backgrounds and ages, from fresh graduates to senior executives. I also deliver public and in-house workshops on topics that help professionals communicate with greater impact and achieve greater success. This means I customise my coaching and use real life examples that relate to you and your needs. 


I'm also not your typical coach so you can expect some unique insights and methodologies! 

  • Career development skills such as job hunting, resume writing, Linkedin, interviewing etc

  • Interpersonal communication skills

  • Effective presentation skills

  • Time management skills​

  • Coaching skills for managers

  • Networking skills

  • Productivity and workload management

    Some relevant certs and skills that will help me coach you better:

    • Master of Cross Cultural Communication

    • Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resource Management

    • CELTA

    • Certified Behavioural Interviewing Practitioner

    • Effective presentation skills

    • Ability to engage you, motivate you, and give you the (occasional) kick you need

    • ICF Coaching Certification

    • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

    • Certificate in Image and Etiquette Consulting

    • Fluency in English, Singlish, Mandarin and Indonesian

    Corrine Li, Sydney

    Thanks to Cindi, I gained confidence in interviews. I wish her every success in her future career. And for anyone who seek to refine your interview skills, Cindi is the person you are looking for.

    Past workshop participants

    "Cindi is one of the best trainers I've ever met. She's helpful and bubbly and highly knowledgeable."

    "She is very approachable and engaging! The class was interactive and fun :) Timely feedback was also given so that we know which areas to improve on."

    Celine Chapelain, UK

     Cindi was incredibly helpful during my professional transition and move to Vietnam - not only was she consistent but also gave me tremendous advice each step of the way. I can only recommend her professionalism and knowledge of the South Eastern job market and recruitment in general.

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